Method Designing

Method Designing - Master Project (2015)

As a part of the master I had a scenario project that challenged me to choose a film director and design a collection based on my findings. During this exercise I decided on Tarsem Singh, a director that in a very powerful way uses of perspective and perception as a tool not only to create the visual elements, but also as means to show depth in his characters.

One of my observations from this project was that we observe ourself through the eyes of others, and wanted to bring this notion to my design.
In my scenario project I set out to create a sense of correlation between the garment, user and the spectator.
One component to achieving this goal was to establish a user, for the purpose of this project I developed a fictional character and expanded the scope to social condition that would function as the spectator.
For a fashion designer with a creative freedom I find its necessary to reflect upon whom you are designing for, what environmental as well as a sociological factors to consider when developing a style.
To establish a well balanced and realistic profile for this persona I examined and drew on references from the philosophical, cinematographic as well as the theatrical, this for me was important to ensure that the character remained useful and not turn to a trivial fare.
One such finding that were adapted was the philosophy of Erving Goffman. I used key components of this philosophy to build a metaphorical relation between dramaturgical sociology and the sociological aspects of the modern fashion arena.
This phenomena was to some extent a requisite in this project not only to establish the importance of the characters mindset but also to induce restrictions.
The first major part of the thesis will be used to explain the theoretical groundwork and the review process of background material. It will also describe the paving laid by the scenario project and how this eventually lead me on to the path chosen on this project.
The second major part will focus on the practical process involved in the creation of my collection, but also expand on my background in using 3D as a tool in fashion design and how that focus were guided in the direction of a more traditional approach towards the final project.

………….Introduction from my Master Thesis ‘Method Designing – Neo Otaku’..






Exhibition in Berger Museum, Norway. 2015



02.06.2015  backstage