Neo Otaku
born into creativity

Method Designing "Neo Otaku"

I intended to bring my observation of how we perceive ourselves through
the eyes of others and use that notion to my design. As a part of or in addition to that I
wanted to create the sense of correlation between the garment, user and spectator. I have
established this relation by having a garment inspired by a self constructed fictional character
and a social setting in which it can reflect itself.

The social setting was constructed by using the philosophy of Erving Goffman to build a
metaphorical relation between dramaturgical sociology (dramaturgical perspective) and the
sociological aspects of the modern fashion arena. This phenomena was to some extent a
requisite in this project not only to establish the importance of the characters mindset but
also to induce restrictions.

In dramaturgical sociology one can consider that the self is a sense of who one is and
where human interactions are scene dependent and with several external factors such as
time, cultural values, norms and beliefs. Therein lies a struggle where the actor will perform
in order to gain acceptance from the audience and if successful be viewed by the audience
as he or she wish to be viewed.
This aspect of the philosophy inspired me in creating an individual from the “Neo Otaku” culture
that imitates the strong warrior like role models found in the sub culture, but inevitably
fails to portray this illusion and the essence of frailty shines through.

In my design process I have used a large range of techniques based on perspective, perception
and optical illusion to create my visual elements, but these also aided me in creating
a quirkiness to my “Neo Otaku” character without using concrete sub cultural references.

The garments were created using a method which involves distorting simple geometric
shapes and combining this with elements of gestalt psychology, this have resulted in a
ready to wear women’s wear collection consisting of six outfits.